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    Comments from some of our customers who experienced improvements when using uni products.


    About us

    About us

    For us it is important to keep having focus on how we can do things better, smarter and more efficiently.


    The next generation of plastic modular belts for corrugated uni JCB.

    Ammeraal Beltech Modular has many years of experience operating Modular Belts within all types of corrugated production plants. A reputation for total reliability and excellent service is gained. But as a responsible business partner to the corrugated producers, new approaches are needed. Hence, the next generation product, uni JCB Modular Belt system, is developed.

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    Save waste, save time, save costs

    Pop-up flight does just what the name says. It pops up at the foot of the conveyor incline to support the food as it moves up the elevator, holding it steady. Then, once the product’s been successfully discharged, the flight pops down again so an automatic scraper can clean up the belt – especially helpful for sticky, clingy food products. So you won’t have to sweep up costly wasted product from the floor as the belt moves on its return path.

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