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    Superior performance in all directions

    Multidirectional conveyance: Ball design allows your goods to be conveyed or transferred
    in any direction.

    The uni QNB Ball belt has 1.550 balls per square meter. This provides the belt with optimal flexibility of movement. The belt has integrated ball support and closed top.

    Construction – Built to run stronger, longer and cleaner.

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    More technical information can be found in the technical manual »

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    Save waste, save time, save costs

    Pop-up flight does just what the name says. It pops up at the foot of the conveyor incline to support the food as it moves up the elevator, holding it steady. Then, once the product’s been successfully discharged, the flight pops down again so an automatic scraper can clean up the belt – especially helpful for sticky, clingy food products. So you won’t have to sweep up costly wasted product from the floor as the belt moves on its return path.

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