In order to produce and process safe and quality product good hygiene is essential.

Poor hygiene can adversely effect the product at any stage during the process -slaughter, chilling process, cutting, deboning, packing, distribution, retail trade and transport to the home of the consumer.

The meat must not be contaminated with unwanted bacteria. Poor hygiene can reduce the product shelf life.

Advantages of uni Modular Plastic belts:

  • Easy to clean
    Reduce downtime for cleaning
  • Strong, thick product supports
    Allow more load/impact
    without breakage

  • Unique pin locking system
    Faster, simpler maintenance
  • Stainless steel reinforced side flexing belts
  • Higher product load capability/
    Longer conveyors

  • Easy to clean roller top belt
    For more hygienic crate/
    box accumulation

  • Unique sprocket engagement
    Higher product load capability/
    Longer conveyors

  • 1 in. pitch easy to clean belts
    Capable of transferring
    smaller products

  • F.D.A. approved materials and
    U.S.D.A. accepted plastic modular belts 


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