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Some cookies (so-called session cookies) are only stored in a browser session and they will be deleted when the browser is closed. Other cookies (so-called persistent cookies) are stored for a certain period and will self-delete at the expiration of this period.

Types of cookies being used on uni-chains’ website
uni-chains’ website uses cookies from Google Analytics in order to measure the traffic on the website. This cookie is a persistent cookie.
The website also uses ASP.NET_Sessionid in order to track the individual visit on the website. This cookie is used to improve the customer experience on the net. This type of cookie is a session cookie.
uni-chains’ website uses the cookie login. This cookie is used for login section on the website. It is a persistant cookie.


How to avoid the use of cookies on the website?
Whatever browser you use, you can set it to not keeping cookies. In some browsers, you can limit it to apply to certain websites. 


How to delete cookies?

You can delete the cookies in the settings of your browser. Find help in the browser or on the following homepages:

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Further information and avenue for complaint

Should you have any questions to the use of cookies on the website, do you need further information or do you want to complain about the use of cookies on the website, please send an email to:

Ammeraal Beltech Modular A/S
Hjulmagervej 21
7100 Vejle


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